How To Become A Certified Recovery Coach In South Carolina

A recovery coach provides recovery support services to individuals with addiction. In South Carolina, recovery coaches must receive a certification to practice coaching. They need to complete a recognized training program and adhere to state requirements.

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This article unpacks how to become a certified recovery coach in South Carolina.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Certified Recovery Coach

South Carolina offers a range of recovery support services for individuals in addiction recovery. One of the ways to become involved in this field is to become a certified recovery coach.

Certified recovery coaches in South Carolina help individuals to do the following:

  • Engage with recovery coaching
  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure
  • Recovery wellness planning
  • Practice independence
  • Learn the core values of recovery
  • Build skills to enhance relationships
  • Explore and navigate life’s challenges
  • Understand the stages of recovery
  • Describe stages of change and how to apply them

Certified recovery coaches are also known as certified peer support specialists. Certified peer support specialists have to undergo training to be able to offer their services, too.

State Requirements And Training

The state of South Carolina requires you to meet a few requirements to become a certified recovery coach. You must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have completed a relevant training program.

Some recognized training programs include the International Association of Recovery Coaches (IARC) and the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR).

Research different programs and choose one that meets your needs and schedule. Some programs are held online, while others are held in person.

Once you’ve selected a training program, complete the coursework and any required assessments. This will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified recovery coach.

Options for recovery coach certification, South Carolina:

  • CCAR certification: The Courage Centerhosts training from CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy. This is a 40-hour curriculum that is the foundation of becoming a Certified Peer Support Specialist in South Carolina.
  • CPSS certification: FAVOR Pee Dee offers a certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) credential. This is awarded to those with at least 2 years of recovery and successful completion of a 40-hour course.
  • NCRS certification: This examination will assess your knowledge of addiction and recovery. It will also test your coaching skills. To maintain your NCRS certification, you’ll need to complete continuing education courses. Plus, you’ll need to renew your certification every 2 years.

Job Earnings And Outlook

The average annual salary for a recovery coach in South Carolina is $37,330. Earnings may vary based on experience, location, and the type of coaching services provided.

The demand for recovery coaches in South Carolina is expected to grow. That is if the state continues to prioritize substance abuse treatment and prevention. Individuals with certification and experience may have better job opportunities and higher earnings potential.

Recovery Coach Job Opportunities

Job listings for recovery coaches can be found on job search websites such as Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.

Jobs can also be found on the websites of healthcare organizations in South Carolina. This includes substance abuse treatment centers, mental health clinics, and rehabilitation facilities.


What are the roles and responsibilities of a recovery coach?

Recovery coaches have a few responsibilities for addiction recovery. They help clients with:

  • Recovery wellness planning
  • The practice of new behavioral skills
  • Learning the core values of recovery
  • Building skills to enhance relationships
  • Exploring and navigating life’s challenges
  • Recovery coaching
  • Discovering attitudes about self-disclosure

What is the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy?

The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is a training program for individuals who want to become recovery coaches. The training program is offered in various states across the US, including South Carolina.

How do recovery coaches help with addiction?

Recovery coaches play an important role in helping individuals with addiction. They help clients understand the stages of recovery, describe stages of change, and provide support along the way.


Becoming a certified recovery coach in South Carolina requires the successful completion of a recognized training program. With growing demand and a competitive salary, this is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice for those who wish to help others.